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Apr 28, 2021

The brother discuss the incredible Tatis, the awesome Dodgers / Padres series, Unwritten Rules, and the Madbum No-No.

Jomboy breakdown of Tatis peeking -‚Äč

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Apr 23, 2021

We recap Week 3 of Padres baseball in 2021. Let's hope it never gets this bad again.

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Apr 21, 2021

James and Joey discuss Padres love of hitting into double plays, our good pitchers, new MLB rules, and rant about how hard it is to watch baseball these days.

Week 3 recap show coming Thursday.

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Apr 16, 2021

Padres play the Rangers and Pirates. It had its ups and downs, we talk about it and recap it for you!

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Apr 10, 2021

JOE MUSGROVE THROWS THE FIRST NO-HITTER IN PADRES HISTORY! We can't believe it so we had to talk about it.

Full 9th Inning -
Highlights from game -
Every out from the no-no -

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